Triple A Your Digital Agency

Grow your agency by asking better questions.

And get paid for work you're currently doing for free.

“We generated a 6X return on investment in 2 months of working with Eximo Marketing”

Eximo Marketing’s Triple A Programme

Our Agency Accelerator Academy, or Triple A because it sounds cooler, is a programme designed for fast-growing agencies.

What we’ve realised over 10 years of working with and for agencies is that the main problem fast-growing agencies have is not asking enough questions at the start of working with clients.

You diagnose the client’s problem quickly and set off to fix it. Unfortunately, that diagnosis, made after a call and a one hour meeting is rarely correct.

You spend the first six months learning about the way they do things* and picking the team up off the floor after another bruising meeting with an unhappy client.

*they don’t like the way you’re doing it

Alongside the worry of losing the monthly retainer, your productivity is through the floor as morale is low, you’re over-servicing to make up for mistakes and you start to regret the growth explosion of the last 18 months.

The Triple A programme can solve this problem.

Agency Growing Pains

“We’re creating better campaigns for our clients which is helping to generate a better return for them”

You started an agency because you’re great at something. PPC, SEO, CRO, SMM… pick anything from a list of three letter acronyms.

You’re good. Very good. So you win business and you take on a team.

From just you (or you and a mate) in your bedroom(s), to a swanky office, a hungry team, a stack of awards and turnover beyond your wildest dreams, the agency model is everything people told you it would be.

What they didn’t tell you was the increasing client demands, the growing overheads, the increasing client demands, the need to make payroll every month, the increasing client demands, managing HR issues and the increasing client demands.

Did we mention that your clients demands will increase in correlation with the size of the retainer?

When your agency grows quickly, your processes rarely keep up. The way of working to deliver great work when it was you + 1 doesn’t work when it’s you +15.

What the best growing agencies know is that they need to have a repeatable process to capture, process and share information internally to help the team create, plan and deliver exceptional work for your clients.

Great staff alone are not enough. Sure, it can hide problems – for a while – but, ultimately, it’s about having the right process in place to make things work.

That’s where we can help.

How the Triple A Programme Works

Working with you, we take a strategy first approach to your client work. Tapping into the knowledge of your team we co-create a strategic framework that you can use with clients.

This framework captures a huge amount of client information, in a simple format and it moves the nature of your discussions with clients from tactical to strategic. It builds trust, highlights opportunities for further work and sparks ideas within your team.

The main benefits of Triple A are:

Team buy in – we work with the whole organisation to create something unique to your agency that your team feels ownership of

Client confidence – asking better questions at the beginning of an engagement builds trust with the client

Better ideas – understanding your client’s business better means you can create better ideas that resonate with them

Skills transfer – training your team to be able to confidently use their new process is a core part of the programme

Revenue generation – by developing a systematic process for strategy work with clients, you create a product you can sell, boosting revenue and reducing the cost of speculative pitches

Connections – we’re building a network of agency owners. You’re all walking on the same path and can support each other along the way

There is no such thing as a great agency.

Just great people, great process doing great things for grateful clients. We can help you get there.

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Passionate About Our Clients

Our work speaks for itself. We believe in our mission, strategy x people = performance and deliver a personal service to every one of our clients.

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