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Fundraising for refugees
Providing marketing advice to SMEs
Fundraising in aid of Barnardo’s work with refugees in Northern Ireland

Next Event

We’ve got together with Barnardo’s NI and Digital DNA to put together our next series of marketing clinics. We’re going to be at Digital DNA for both days – Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 June – running 1-2-1 clinics with our advisers.

If you don’t know what Digital DNA is, it’s Northern Ireland’s largest digital technology conference and takes place in the iconic St George’s Market.

All funds raised from this event will go to support Barnardo’s NI independent guardian service, which supports children in Northern Ireland who are victims of human trafficking and children who are separated from their families and their home countries.

Working with these two amazing organisations has given us the chance to expand our clinics and offer a wider range of services. You can see our full list of advisers below. To book a consultation, here’s what you’ll need to do:

If you don’t have a ticket for Digital DNA

  1. Buy a ticket to Digital DNA using this link. This is important! The event is ticketed and you’ll need one to get in to see our advisers.
  2. Your ticket contains a donation to Barnardo’s only if you use our link.
  3. Once you’ve purchased your ticket, you’ll be directed to a booking platform to choose and appointment.
  4. Select your preferred adviser and 45 minute time slot (please note: each adviser is only available for a two hour slot and they will be appointed on a 'first come, first served' basis).
  5. Turn up in good time for your appointment and ask as many questions as you can.
  6. Your ticket contains a donation to Barnardo’s,

If you already have a ticket for Digital DNA

  1. Head straight to our booking platform on this page.
  2. Select your preferred adviser and 45 minute time slot (please note: each adviser is only available for a two hour slot and they will be appointed on a 'first come, first served' basis)
  3. Turn up in good time for your appointment and ask as many questions as you can.
  4. Don’t forget to bring cash or card to make your donation for the clinic – we suggest around £20 for a consultation, but the amount is entirely up to you.
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Make a donation

If you don’t need or want a clinic with one of the advisers but want to support Barnardo’s, you can donate directly to the Independent Guardian Team in Northern Ireland via this Just Giving page .

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Our Friends

As the name suggests, Eximo & Friends isn't just Andi from Eximo Marketing. He's part of the team, but will be joined by a team of other expert advisers - Friends - to help deliver the clinic.

We set the bar high for our advisers. They must be experienced industry professionals, with a track record of success in their specialised field. And they're not there to sell to you either. The aim is to bring you heavyweight professional advice that should cost hundreds of pounds, for a small donation to charity. So you get great advice, Barnardo's gets additional funding and our team get to give something back to the local business community. 

So who are the advisers? There's a short bio below for each one.

Emma Burdett - Social Media Marketing 

Emma Burdett from Mammoth | Eximo & FriendsEmma is currently the Web & Digital Marketing Manager with Visit Belfast and has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing,  working in the beauty, tourism and e-commerce industries. Emma can help you with campaign planning, strategy development, content ideas and social media advertising. Find Emma on LinkedIn.

Simon Harper - Website Marketing

Simon Harper | SRH Design | Eximo & FriendsSimon is a Solopreneur, Freelance WordPress Ninja, Graphic Guru & owner of SRH Design, based in Bangor. He's been designing & building websites since 1999 and freelancing since 2009, working with clients throughout the UK & Ireland. He helps businesses & individuals get online, market their product or service to a wide audience & grow their brand. Find Simon on LinkedIn.

Peter Craven - Video Marketing

Peter Cravem | Blue Sky Video | Eximo & FriendsPeter is Founder & Creative Director at BlueSky Video Marketing, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Education Ambassador on the Board of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Ireland. He has been involved with video marketing since 2008 and since BlueSky Video Marketing was formed in June 2017 has made over 250 videos for more than 50 customers in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England and Scotland. Find Peter on LinkedIn.

Leanne Gannon - Social Media and Content 

Leanne Gannon from She & Co is an expert in content creation, social media and influencer marketing.  Based in Belfast, she works with clients across Ireland to produce campaigns that impact the bottom line.  Find Leanne on LinkedIn.

Sean Greer - Brand and Design

Sean Greer | Eximo & FriendsSean is the owner and designer at Sean Greer Design. He specialises in brand identities built on clear, intelligent creative thinking. Sean helps clients develop and tell their story through thoughtful, engaging design that connects with their audience. Our work results in websites, packaging and print for clients all sectors. Find Sean on LinkedIn.


Dani McFerran - Brand and Design

dani McFerran  eximo and friendsDani is a lively, passionate and experienced creative innovator currently based in Belfast as Founder and Creative Director to her design consultancy Done and Dusted Design. With over 16 years international experience in branding, product design and UX/UI, Dani’s has successfully made a difference for many businesses.  Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Gil David - Facebook, Messenger & Instagram ads

Gil David | Run DMG | Eximo & FriendsGil has spent over 13 years experince in sales, marketing and business management and has been focused Facebook, Inc. advertising exclusively in the last four years with his company Run DMG. He has worked across a number of industries in the UK and US with clients' budgets ranging from a few hundred pounds a month to £100k+.  Find Gil on LinkedIn.

Andi Jarvis - Strategy

Andi is the Strategy Director at Eximo Marketing and originally founded Wifi Refugees, which has evolved into Eximo & Friends. Andi focuses on marketing strategy, taking a commercial approach to marketing issues and solving the key issues that are preventing businesses from growing. Find Andi on LinkedIn.

Marc Ellison - Social Media and Social Ads

Marc ellison social mediaMarc is the owner of Bard Online. He provides online solutions to businesses, helping them to tell their brand story with a focus on social media marketing, content creation, analysis and optimisation. With over a decade's experience in the media as a sports journalist and editor in his native New Zealand, Marc’s passion for telling meaningful and engaging stories, tracking analytics and turning data into useful insights is in demand in the UK, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. You can find him on LinkedIn here.

Ryan Kyle - B2B Marketing

ryan kyle newRyan is a B2B marketing specialist with over 10 years' experience in marketing and sales, alongside a BSc Hons in Advertising. Inbound marketing and Content Strategy are at the core of his expertise - and he is passionate about sharing this enthusiasm with others. Ryan recently joined axial3D, to lead the marketing function, having previously worked at Automated Intelligence and Tesco Mobile. Find Ryan on LinkedIn.

Laura Wilson - Operations

laura wilson eximo and friendsLaura is another one of the team that makes sure Eximo & Friends stays on track. When not working full time as a technology delivery consultant for Accenture, Laura keeps our planning, meetings and organisation running in military fashion... just with more fun! Find Laura on LinkedIn.

Emma Graham - Operations 

Emma Graham commsEximo & Friends doesn't just happen by accident. Emma is one of the team of three that keeps the wheels turning and ensures a smooth delivery of events. 

She is a freelance Marketing and Communications Consultant, with over 20 years of experience in various roles. She has worked for BT, Age UK, Smarts and Case Corporation. Emma currently services retained clients as well as variety of ad hoc project work, inc event management, social media, stakeholder engagement, internal & external comms, dissemination, sponsorships and project management. As well as Eximo & Friends, she also volunteers for Marie Curie, Barnardo’s, Simon Community and previously for Positive Life NI, National Trust and Cinemagic. Find Emma on LinkedIn.

The Story So Far

eximo and friends logo

Eximo & Friends started life as Wifi Refugees. It was set up by Andi Jarvis to provide free marketing advice to SMEs in exchange for a donation to a local refugee charity. It was originally held in coffee shops in Bangor, before spreading to other parts of Northern Ireland as more people became involved in the concept.


Over the last 18 months the concept has morphed into something still the same but slightly different! We've said goodbye to coffee shops and hello to events. "And friends" isn't just a name, it's a descriptor of how the event works - no longer just one expert for a few hours, but a host of experts in one place at the same time.


We’ve partnered with Ulster Bank to provide clinics in their Accelerator Hub and will be at Digital DNA, Belfast’s biggest digital technology event. And most importantly, we’re now partnered with Barnardo’s, providing funding directly to their work in Northern Ireland to help support the Independent Guardian Team.

There To Support You

We know that growing a business can be difficult and expensive. Marketing can be the difference between success and failure in a small business, but finding the right advice can be difficult and paying for it an even bigger challenge.

That's where Eximo & Friends comes in.

We bring a group of marketing experts, with diverse experience, to regular clinics where you can access industry-leading information for just the cost of a small donation to charity. All you have to do is pre-book a 30 minute appointment with one of the advisers and turn up ready to dive into your marketing problem.

At the end of your clinic, we ask that you leave a donation that will be used to help refugees settle in Northern Ireland. We're working with Barnardo's who are a key delivery partner for the government's programme to help the most vulnerable families flee war zones around the world. We suggest £20 for a 30 minute consultation, but the amount you leave is entirely up to you.

Find Out More

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