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Adidas brand marketing

Are Digital Marketers Finally Catching On About The Power of Brand?

This post is taken from our monthly email. Have the email land in your inbox, roughly once a month, with a mix of…
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Eximo Marketing | Conferences speaker | London

People Are Predictable – Digital Growth Unleashed

If you sat through all 30 minutes of my presentation at Digital Growth Unleashed - thank you! The St Paul's venue in London…
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Eximo Marketing | Keynote Speaker | London

Search Love 2019 – The Science of Persuasion

Welcome! If you sat through the 40 minute presentation at Search Love and have come for the slide deck, it's available at the…
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should I chase likes on social media

Do likes matter on social media?

There are three really simple answers to the question posed by the title of this post. They are: No Yes It depends Before you…
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