Brighton SEO Presentation By Andi Jarvis – 7 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Start Digital Marketing

If you’ve made it here you were either a super fan of my Brighton SEO performance, a member of my immediate family or a little bored. Perhaps a combination of all three.

If you’re in the first group, thank you for coming to see me at Brighton SEO. I hope you enjoyed the presentation.

This presentation covers the Data phase of the Eximo Marketing process. We use these questions (and many more) to start to gather all the data, information and research about companies we work with, so we have all the elements to start the creative process.

Following on from the Data phase, we hit the Strategy section, where we create the outline of a marketing strategy. Then we meet with our client again to re-examine key issues and make sure we’re on the right track.

And finally, we get to Implementation. This is where many marketers kick off, but it’s definitely not the right place.

The 7 Questions you need to ask before you start digital marketing comes from academic research at Ulster University and has been evolved and flipped into something more commercially focused over the last few years.

This may well be the last time I use a version of this presentation, so enjoy it while it lasts.



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