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Adidas brand marketing

Are Digital Marketers Finally Catching On About The Power of Brand?

This post is taken from our monthly email. Have the email land in your inbox, roughly once a month, with a mix of…
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should I chase likes on social media

Do likes matter on social media?

There are three really simple answers to the question posed by the title of this post. They are: No Yes It depends Before you…
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Jonathan Rose | Ofcom

Jonathan Rose (Ofcom’s Director for Northern Ireland)

Warning, the introduction to this post contains many words in ‘inverted commas’. This denotes I think the words in ‘inverted commas’ are rubbish or…
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st george slaying a dragon

Slaying Dragons – Thinking Like A Child To Build Your Business

On World Book Day (WBD) last year, I had great fun writing this post about George’s Marvellous Medicine and a few lessons we…
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eximo and friends logo

Eximo & Friends – The New Name For Wifi Refugees

Eximo & Friends is the new name for Wifi Refugees. If you're asking why does it need a new name and why have…
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Andi jarvis eximo marketing

Blackwash – What It’s Like To Be Black In Northern Ireland

Does Northern Ireland have a race problem? I’d say yes. But that’s just my opinion and as a marketer who believes in data,…
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nike breaking2

Nike… Everything Seems Impossible, Until It Is Done (Or Why Your Business Needs a BHAG)

Marketing Week recently published a story about Nike’s attempt to break the two hour record for a marathon. #Breaking2, as it was known,…
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SEO belfast

An Interview With Stacey MacNaught

When I graduated from uni a few years ago (sometime after colour TVs were launched but before the iPhone), the prevailing business mood…
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andi jarvis

Where’s Andi? March, April, May and June

It’s the question I know you’ve all been asking… where can we see Andi speak in the next few months? Well, I’m here…
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Gary Vee talks shite

Is Gary Vee The Most Dangerous Man Online?

You’ve probably heard of him. Hell, if you haven’t heard of him, you’ve probably not been online recently. Yep, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. Or…
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