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Everything will be bought and sold online...

Towns and cities have no future. It would be awful, if it were true.

“Footfall for our town was up 23% year on year because of Eximo Marketing’s plan”

Town centres are dying.

Cities have no future.

Everything will be bought and sold online.

It would be awful for everyone… if it were true.


Towns and cities are a collection of buildings, streets, green areas and people.

They sell almost everything we will ever need, provide spaces for creativity, a place to meet, a location to relax and the chance to meet, spend time with and enjoy the people who mean the most to us.

The rapid growth of online shopping is having an impact on towns and cities, which will increase over time.

We need a plan to fight back.

Our towns and cities hold our heritage, the buildings tell stories, the street names ooze with our history. The retail, office and leisure offerings provide a centre of gravity for other activity to revolve around. And the people of our great towns and cities provide the spark that bring it all to life.

Our towns and cities are not dead. They have a future, but that won’t happen by accident. They need strategic thinking, marketing and targeted interventions to bring them back to life.

As the testimonial, above, shows, footfall can come back to towns.

But how do you do it?

Destination Marketing For Your Town or City

At Eximo Marketing we work with towns and cities to find what makes them special and turn this into a marketing strategy to boost the area.

We talk, we listen, we explore, we get lost (literally, not metaphorically) and we dig into the fabric of your area.

We have an academically developed discovery process, 7 Questions, that helps us get under the skin of your town, city or area.

The process is built on a simple premise: people first. We run workshops with your stakeholders and hear views from a variety of groups – traders, residents, local government, trade associations, student groups, tourists… whoever is relevant.

True stakeholder engagement isn’t just asking them questions after you’ve already come up with the answer. And it isn’t just listening to local groups complain that everything was better 15 years ago. We listen and challenge. We probe and nudge. We question and understand.

These workshops are the foundation stone of our activity. Starting with the stakeholders, we use this to help inform the next stage of the process. We use third-party, publicly available research to help boost our understanding and, where necessary, commission our own reports.

From all this data, a marketing strategy starts to evolve.

Because we believe in engagement, we don’t just pull the curtain back on your marketing strategy and show you how proud we are of the document we have created. We keep you and your stakeholders involved at each stage of the process, bring the whole area with us.

Working in partnership with the area helps to create a sense of ownership in the marketing strategy, helps people understand the direction the area is taking and builds a civic pride in the stakeholders.

Marketing For Regeneration

Every town and city needs a bespoke plan. There is no one size fits all marketing plan for regeneration.

We help with implementation by finding the right partners to deliver the strategy for you. Our network includes some of the most talented marketers, branding experts, writers, events managers, photographers, videographers, social media superstars and others who can bring the campaign to life.

We’ll have the right people working on making your town and city the place to be.

What Services Do We Offer?

Work with Business Improvement Districts – working with the local BID we build targeted marketing plans to develop the areas within cities, to help the business community.

Regeneration of towns – especially focused on those close to big cities, where it feels like nothing can be done because you’re too close to the sun. We uncover the best of the town and create a marketing strategy to capitalise on that.

Rebranding of towns and cities – if your area’s public image needs a refresh, updating the brand at the same time as developing the marketing strategy is the most efficient use of time.

Stakeholder engagement – making changes to villages, towns and cities isn’t an easy process. What appeals to sum groups is opposed by others – often with great reasons for both positions. Whether it’s pedestrianising shopping areas or changing how car parking works, we can help with the engagement process to build consensus.

Every area has a story to tell.

We find that story and find new, innovative ways to tell it to bring life back to area.

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Passionate About Our Clients

Our work speaks for itself. We believe in our mission, strategy x people = performance and deliver a personal service to every one of our clients.

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