Luke X - Ecommerce Strategy

Sell more stuff online.

It's the #1 growth area in retail.

"Great clarity that helped us understand what we needed to change."

Ecommerce Growth Consultants

Selling stuff online is difficult.

You might not be the size of Amazon, but your customers expect Amazon style service and delivery. 

In a world where every product can be price checked with just a few clicks, you need to give your potential customers a compelling reason to buy.

And then keep giving them reasons to come back and buy over and over and over with you. 

Luke X - Ecommerce Consultants 

When it comes to ecommerce, you want to be working with people who know what they're doing (in fact, that works for everything)

Eximo Marketing has teamed up with ecommerce consultant Luke Carthy to bring a a unique perspective to your business. We're both still running our own business, but come together when our clients need it.

Why do you need us? You get Luke's impeccable ecommerce skills and Andi's strategic marketing approach.

We know the companies that win online are those who have their whole game working.

Just having a great product isn't enough. Just investing in performance marketing won't work in the long term.

We can help you navigate the complex world of ecommerce and find the right course for sustainable growth.

If you want to get a feeling for what it's like working with Luke and Andi, check out this Strategy Sessions podcast they did together for Black Friday

What We Do

We’re ecommerce problem solvers.

We work with online retailers to help them focus on the main issues preventing them from growing and make a bottom line impact.

Our team will take a consultancy approach to investigating, understanding and solving the issues that are holding your site back from growth.

We stay true to our mission, which is strategy x people = performance.

We hear from you, your team, your customers and your board. We review the data. We review your strategy and solve the problems. We find the gaps at a people level and help with training, recruitment or outsourcing.

We’re like the new CMO – except we’re not here for your job, we’re here to solve problems within the scope of the project.

  • Ecommerce audits – understand where you are now
  • Ecommerce strategy – setting a roadmap for growth
  • Performance marketing consultancy – SEO and paid strategy              
  • Market research and opportunity discovery – where to play and why you will win
  • Ecommerce technical consultancy – use the right platform to allow you to grow         
  • Training – bespoke knowledge transfer from our team to yours
  • Leadership development – working with your senior to provide focus
  • Objective setting and performance management

Who Have We Worked With

Andi and Luke have worked with online retailers like, CAT, Expedia, Renault, TargetDry, Treasure Gifts and Mayflex.

Our agency and freelance partners actively generate millions in revenue for their clients.

We put the right team together for each project, bringing in the skills you need to solve your problems.

What We Don’t Do

We’re not a performance marketing agency.

We don’t manage SEO, we aren’t touching your paid campaigns on search or social and we don't want to design your new ad creative. 

We're not here to replace your existing agency or team - we work with them to identify the problems and then present a new plan to make the business grow. 

We work with partners to delivery these services and can introduce you to an agency or freelancer once we've uncovered what the problem is that needs solving. 

What Next?

If it sounds like we solve a problem you have, book a call with Andi today.

Passionate About Our Clients

Our work speaks for itself. We believe in our mission, strategy x people = performance and deliver a personal service to every one of our clients.

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