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Do you have an event happening? Do you need a host? Then you’re in the right place.

If you need an event host, Andi is an experienced professional who brings something different to corporate events.

Rarely seen in a suit, Andi’s relaxed style is perfect for less formal events or those occasions when the audience needs to feel involved in the event, not just spectators at it. Andi’s background in marketing, digital and sport makes him a natural fit for these sectors, but he is not limited to them.

The secret to a successful event

With most things in life, the secret to success is planning and this holds true for events too. Hosting an event and making it sound off the cuff is an art form and there are hours of preparation involved in getting it right.

Booking Andi for an event includes working with you in advance of the event to agree scripts, tone for the event, any themes or topics to cover in panel discussions, sponsors to thank and timings for the event. Where possible, it will also include a site visit prior to the event.

Hire an Event Host 

How much does it cost to hire Andi? More than a beginner but less than a TV personality. Does that help?

It’s hard to give a guide price as there are many factors that go into the cost. Duration, travel and what’s involved on the day can all affect the price. Andi does offer discounts on his standard fee for charities and causes he feels passionate about and will often accept payment in food.

Do you think Andi sounds like the person for your event? Would you like to book Andi to host your corporate event, conference or gig? 

Fill in the contact form below with a few details or give him a call to discuss your requirements.



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Events can be stressful. Making sure you've got the right person hosting it can take some of the pain away. 


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