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Grow Your Agency Episode 2

Following on from the great discussion with Carrie and Tom, Episode 2 featured Stacey MacNaught (MacNaught Digital) and Paddy Moogan (Aira).

This hour long podcast heard from two of the best in the industry how and why they have built superb agencies. 

Live Date: Monday 7 September (12 – 1pm)


Password: If you registered for a ticket, it's in the confirmation email. If you didn't register for a ticket, contact Andi for the password. 

Grow Your Agency Episode 1

Have you ever wanted to know how to grow an agency?

I reckon the best way to find out is to ask people who are doing it well.

So rather than you having to make a bundle of calls to other agencies (Hello? Who is this again?), I thought I’d put four of the best agency owners and directors on a live discussion to find out how they’ve done it.

Episode 1 featured Carrie Rose (Rise At Seven) and Tom Etherington (Evolved Search).

Live Date: Friday 14 August (3 - 4pm)


Password: If you registered for a ticket, it's in the confirmation email. If you didn't register for a ticket, contact Andi for the password. 

The Black Edition

On Tuesday 16 June 2020 we held the first Strategy Sessions Live. The Black Edition featured Krystal Taing - Local Product Strategy RioSEO, Heather Physioc - Group Connections Director, Discoverability VMLY&RRand Fishkin - CoFounder SparkToro / Author Lost & Founder, Leah Clark - Marketing Executive and Isha Edwards - Epic Measures. It was hosted by Andi Jarvis

The Black Edition discussed the issues surrounding the murder of George Floyd by US police, the ongoing demand for social change and what marketers can do to help push for that change. 

Live Date: Tuesday 16 June 2020 (5 - 6.30pm)


The Strategy Sessions Podcast

The Strategy Sessions podcast is a fortnightly marketing show that interviews thought leaders in the industry and provides real, actionable tips to marketers around the world. The last four episodes are below. 

Strategy Sessions Podcast with Tom Critchlow

Tom does consultancy work for startups and media companies. He’s based in Brooklyn, writes a strategy blog and has created the SEO MBA.  Episode…

Strategy Sessions Podcast with Kenda Macdonald

Episode 5 Season 2 Kenda is a forensic psychologist turned marketer and author who uses consumer behaviour to improve marketing campaigns.  …

Strategy Sessions Podcast with JP Castlin

Episode 4 Season 2 JP Castlin is a former consultancy executive turned independent strategy and complexity management consultant. He is the author…
Aris Stamatis strategy sessions

Strategy Sessions Podcast with Aris Stamatis

Aris is a freelance strategist with a focus on integrated marketing. He was worked with clients like Vodafone, Unilever Honda…