Episode 1 of the Strategy Sessions podcast launches with Jen Hoffman and Arpun Bhuhi.

Jen has spent her career in SaaS marketing and is about to make the leap into a new industry. She talks about the importance of diversity in teams, dealing with being label negatively at a previous employer, the commercial focus of SaaS marketing and what she’s got lined up for the future.

Andi Jarvis, Eximo Marketing, shares his thoughts on using ARMs to help decide if you should launch a new channel. It’s a discussion of this blog post from April 2020 and gives you a framework to help decide if you should launch a new channel.

The show wraps up with Arpun Bhuhi, Consultant at Distilled/Brain Labs talking about using content and SEO together across the whole funnel.

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Show Notes

Jen Hoffman can be found on Twitter @_JHoff
You can find her writing on Medium and you should definitely check out the Scarlet Letter post and her thoughts on Leadership & Team Building
Want to dig into the books Jen recommends? Here they are:
Jen and I talked about someone who did a presentation at a conference talking about treating reports as marketing material. With a million apologies to Helen Pollitt, it was her! Her 10 minute presentation at Learn Inbound, Dublin, in August 2019 is worth a watch.
The full details of the Strategy Sprint product that I talk about towards on the end of the show on this page on the site.
This Week’s T.O.P.T.I.P – Arpun Bhuhi who is on Twitter @ArpunBhuhi and the Distilled site is a goldmine of useful SEO information. Dive in.
Hope to see you back here in a fortnight.