Marketing For Your Start Up

The start up scene is bouncing at the moment in the UK and Ireland. Given the nature of the two economies, I suspect that’s always been the case, but now we’ve got cool terms like ‘start up’, ‘founder’ and ‘growth hacking’ floating around, so the hard work seems much cooler!

This week I was invited by Ulster Bank to run a workshop for their Entrepreneurial Spark programme. This course is aimed at start ups to help support them through the difficult early days. It provides mentoring, office space, a community and expert speakers to help them develop their business.

I spoke about marketing, of course. The rather long-winded title was how big businesses plan their marketing and the lessons you can learn from them. Quite the mouthful.

The main takeaway from the presentation was that big businesses plan their marketing. They’re systematic, proactive and data-led, three things that many start ups aren’t – when it comes to marketing. That’s often a consequence of being intuitive and having a good feel for their product or service. This isn’t a problem, but by adding in planning and processes to this, you can turbo-charge your marketing.

I hope you enjoy the slides.

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