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Marketing Keynote Speaker 

You want your audience to be engaged, informed and inspired. We do too. 

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker at your event to talk about marketing strategy, how to stand out in a crowded market place or how to align your sales and marketing efforts, you’re in the right place.

What you’ll get from booking Andi is a lively, fresh speaker who tailors his content to your audience. The structure may stay the same, but Andi will work with you in advance of the event to ensure that presentation is pitched at the right level for the audience. There isn’t just generic presentation that’s been delivered 250 times and uses examples from the dark ages.

Andi’s style is interactive and engaging. People learn best when they’re interested and actively involved, so keeping the audience

It doesn’t matter if you need a speaker for a conference in a room that holds thousands or a boardroom presentation to a small number of individuals, if it’s volunteers with no idea about marketing, marketing professionals or business leaders, Andi will connect with the room and demystify marketing strategy for them.

Andi has spoken at Brighton SEO, the largest event of its kind in Europe as well as major events in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Brighton SEO
  • Digital DNA
  • Food & Drink Business Europe
  • Sales and Marketing Summit
  • Ulster University
  • Belfast Design Week
  • William J Clinton Leadership Institute 
  • Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce
  • The Tomorrow Lab Presents
  • Newry Junior Chamber
  • Ulster University Business School

Recent presentations Andi has made include:

When nothing goes right, go left

How to stand out in a crowded market place. The advent of digital has given smaller companies the opportunity to tell their story to consumers in an authentic way, helping to build a brand and win hearts and minds. Yet many still blindly copy what others in the industry are doing. Andi explains how you can discover what makes your business stand out and how to use it to really stand out from the competition.

The 7 questions you need to ask before you start digital marketing

It’s never been easier to launch a digital marketing campaign, but how do you know you’re focusing on the right areas? This academically-researched strategic development model has been tested across a range of industries and will give you a framework to develop a strategy that performs.

Each of the 7 questions relates to a section of the framework and seamlessly mixes the theory with real-life examples.

Why your sales team think your marketing is SHIT

Not for the faint hearted, this presentation is partly a rant about marketers from the Ministry of Pretty Pictures, partly a dig at sales teams who think they’re the most important part of a business and partly some simple solutions to aligning all of your sales and marketing activity for the benefit of everyone, except your competitors.

Using video to stand out

Video marketing is becoming easier and cheaper to produce, but that doesn't mean it's being done well. Andi explores how you can decide if you can do low-fi video and when you need to invest in the production and outlines some key areas of your marketing to consider before the camera starts rolling. 

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