The Strategy Sessions Podcast

The Strategy Sessions is a marketing podcast that drops every three weeks and can be downloaded from all your favourite podcast places.

It features Andi Jarvis interviewing some of the brightest and best marketers from around the world, sharing their thoughts on their craft and tips for improving your marketing.

Listen now on AppleSpotifyGoogle or find links to everywhere else with Anchor.

Or you can get special bonus content (me pulling faces when I don’t like the answer I hear) by watching it on the Eximo Marketing YouTube channel (or just clicking below).

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Show Notes

The individual show notes for each episode are on the dedicated page for each podcast. So if you’re looking for a link mentioned in an episode, you can find the links to each show below.

The Reading List

In each show I’ll be asking the guests for their favourite marketing and business books. This list will, over time, get quite long, so I’ve created a reading list page where you can see all the recommendations.

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