The Strategy Sessions Reading List

On each of the Strategy Sessions shows, the guests are asked to recommend a book or blog for the listeners.

This page keeps a track of all those books, blogs and videos with handy links so you can easily and quickly find them.

Please note that some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. That means we may make a small commission if you click on the link and buy something, but the cost to you will be the same.

Nothing, not one single thing, on this page will be included for the sake of making money – anything on this page is a recommendation from a guest on the show.

Episode 15 Season 2: Emma Mondolino

Episode 14 Season 2: Mark Ritson

Episode 13 Season 2: Areej Abuali

  • Didn’t have any


Episode 12 Season 2: Kelley Cambry

Episode 11 Season 2: Britney Muller

Episode 10 Season 2: Ian Forrester and Ryan Clarke

Episode 9 Season 2: Caroline Webb

Episode 8 Season 2: Ash Young

Episode 7 Season 2: Antonia Cross

Episode 6 Season 2: Tom Critchlow

Episode 5 Season 2: Kenda Macdonald

Episode 4 Season 2: JP Castlin

Episode 3 Season 2: Aris Stamatis

Episode 2 Season 2: Simon Bridge

Episode 1 Season 2: Amy Smith

That is a wrap for Season 2! We had 25 great guests from Season 1 and below is their reading list.

Episode 25: Lily Thistlewood

Episode 24: James Hayhurst

  • Didn’t leave any

Episode 23: Juliet Hodges

Episode 22: Sarah Shimmons

Episode 21: Lizzy Knights-Ward

Episode 20: Stuart Robertson

Episode 19: Nick Baughan

Nick is all about fiction at the moment, helping him keep the space between work and home while he’s WFH. Smart move.

Episode 13: Katie Jackson

Episode 12: Luke Carthy

Episode 11: Sedge Beswick

I forgot to ask Sedge for any recommendations, so I’ll recommend her two books on social media.

Episode 10 – April Dunford

Episode 7: Mick Hogan

No recommendations, just talk to people in your industry

Episode 5: Michael Mitchell

Episode 4: Ash McDonnell

ulster university training partner and guest lecturer
cathedral quarter belfast marketing
trustpilot marketing
liverpool uni marketing guest lecturer
eu seupb social media training
co3 ceo marketing partner
zevon energy marketing and brand partner
culture night belfast marketing partner

What People Say

Andi was our on field announcer for a season and brought great energy and enthusiasm to the role. His knowledge of the game and his passion for entertaining the crowd worked perfectly for our game day experience.

Mick Hogan, Executive Director, Newcastle Falcons

Your hosting of our renewables event was brilliant, thank you. The Q&A was excellent and by doing what you’re good at, you allowed our team to focus on what they’re good at.

Sarah McLarnin, Marketing, Zevon Energy

Thanks for hosting our event. Your preparation, research and liaison with the presenters was brilliant and made for a smooth event. The feedback was very positive and complimentary from the attendee’s and Invest Northern Ireland.

Harry Hamilton, Director, NIFDA