Strategy Sprint

Do you have a marketing plan that's not performing for your organisation?

Do you need an outside view and help to improve it?

This Strategy Sprint could be for you.

The sprint is ideal for companies who already have a plan but want to improve it.

Does any of this sound like your organisation?

  • Coronavirus has made you pivot and you've got a new plan that you need to sense check.
  • You've had a huge change in budget (ok, it's been slashed) and need make sure every penny will work hard for you.
  • You've inherited someone else's plan and it doesn't feel right for you but you're not sure why.
  • The plan you're working with just isn't working.

What's Involved In The Sprint? 

This Strategy Sprint takes place over five consecutive days and follows and academically developed model. It's entirely remote and managed via video conferencing, which means there's no need to wait to be back in the office to start improving your marketing.

Here's how it works. We'll spend an hour each day looking at the following areas:

  • Monday - Customers: digging into your targeting and making sure it's fit for purpose
  • Tuesday - Company: understanding what your company stands for and how it is relevant to your customers
  • Wednesday - Context, Competition & Competence: organising your competitor analysis to make it useful, understanding anything that's different about your industry and getting to grips with what resource you have access to.
  • Thursday - Content: diving into the channels and tactics being used and looking for refinements and improvements. 
  • Friday - Capital: packaging everything together from the week and sense checking your objectives.

The week follows the 7 Questions framework that was been academically developed and used for the last five years with hundreds of companies. It's a structured way to identify areas of a plan that aren't performing and help focus on what needs to improve. 

Each call will be recorded so you can spend your time working and thinking rather than making notes and you can review them whenever you need. 

Who Should Attend?

The attendance will vary by company. It's a video call so you can invite the whole team or different individuals to each day.

What's important is we dig deep into the plan, have the right people on the call who can answer questions and make it time well spent. 

Apply Now

If this Strategy Sprint sounds like the product your organisation needs, please get in touch.

We're planning a full launch of the product shortly and we're looking for three companies to partner with as we move out of Beta.

If you have a marketing plan that's not performing and can commit to five x 1 hour sessions on five consecutive days, fill in the form now. 

Strategy Sprint Application

To request a place on the Strategy Sprint, please complete the form below. 


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