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Andi Jarvis is the founder of Eximo Marketing, dad to Kiera and a barbeque fanatic.

In the late (and wet) summer of 2017, with limited opportunities to barbeque, Andi launched Eximo Marketing to help companies across the UK and Ireland develop a marketing strategy. Eximo Marketing was the natural evolution for Andi, having worked in agencies for seven years, helping companies focus their marketing efforts.

Clients that Andi has worked with in his agency years include some of the world’s most recognisable brands such as Budweiser, Expedia, Corona, KWM Law, Yellow Tail and Beck’s. He’s also worked with national companies like the Trustpilot, RAF Reserves, Tantastic, Tennent’s and Electric Ireland as well as forward thinking local businesses like The Progressive Building Society, Friends of Ham, Belfast Telegraph and the Agnew Group.

The services may have been different with all of these companies, but Andi’s focus on delivering innovative solutions that helped to connect them to their customers was at the core of all the activity.

Andi’s team was nominated for European and UK Search Awards for their work with Expedia and his strategic approach helped the RAF Reserves hit their recruitment targets in a challenging market.

Since graduating from Ulster University with an MSc in Marketing, Andi has focused increasingly on process and strategy. Having a repeatable process for marketing activity is the best way to ensure that any success can be replicated and any failures can be reviewed and improved on. Yes, that’s right, even the best marketing campaigns flop sometimes. But if the data is reviewed and lessons learned, then all is not lost.

Eximo Marketing uses a process that has evolved from academic research Andi undertook as part of his Masters that is known as DSI, which stands for Data, Strategy and Implementation. But it’s not just academically rigorous; it’s a process that has been successfully applied across a range of sectors to help companies improve their marketing.

Before moving to work in agencies, Andi started his career working in professional sport, with Durham County Cricket Club. There he ran the marketing department which broke the records for attendance at a domestic match, attendance at an international match, total attendance at a cricket match and the venue record for an Elton John concert, which still stands today.

In June 2016, Andi founded the fundraising project, Wifi Refugees, which helps small businesses by providing free marketing consultations in a local coffee shop, in return for a small donation to a refugee charity.

Outside of work, he’s happiest when talking about rugby league, cricket or why boxing is better than MMA, the benefits of gas v charcoal barbecues and tunnels built by Victorian engineers (seriously).

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