Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 8: The Con Is On

Episode 8 ‐ The Con Is On Featuring Mike Winnet, Ineke Houtenbos and Andi Jarvis.

The Con Is On… I catch up with Mike Winnet, THE self-appointed, uninspirational, backwards thinking “leader” currently dimfluencing thousands of, below average, people on LinkedIn and YouTube.

With a bio like that, you know it’s going to be a great interview. Mike is known for his series of videos exposing Contrepreneurs – business people using dodgy, unethical tactics to fleece people.

We’ve got a T.O.P.T.I.P about diversity and inclusion from Ineke Houtenbos of IH Training. I’ve been talking about equality and #BLM for a while now and Ineke provides training that could be useful to your organisation.

You get a short segment from me this week about creating great content. Just avoid the hacks and get rich quick scams and you’ll do alright.

As always, a big thanks to our sponsor, Moyee Coffee. I’m a big fan of the coffee and the work they’re doing to help farmers in Ethiopia and Kenya achieve a living income. Please check them out.

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Show Notes

Mike Winnet

“When it comes to business, Mike has forgotten more than your favourite guru will ever know…” said one, six star, review.

Despite a busy schedule, Mike still finds time to shoot his counterintuitive business bollocks all over your LinkedIn newsfeed, each and every day.

“The Contrepreneur Series”
Can you get-rich-quick? Of course you can!

You’ve seen the ads. A guru sat on a lime-green Lambo, screaming about their book, course, mentoring and bootcamp. Just follow their formula (sign up to the inevitable upsell) and you’ll be financially free!

Well, Mike clicked the ads, went to the events and invested his money, so you don’t have to. Did he lose all his money or get rich quick?

Find out the real results AND reveal what tricks they use to get YOUR hard earned cash on his YouTube channel.

Mike’s book recommendations were:
The Rules of Wealth:A personal code for prosperity and plenty: A personal code for prosperity and plenty by Richard Templar

Modern Wisdom podcast

T.O.P.T.I.P from Ineke Houtenbos

Ineke has over 10 years experience in training both volunteers and staff and regularly provides Consultancy services around diversity and inclusion issues.

She holds a certification from Perdue University in Diversity and Inclusion and has co-facilitared courses for commercial businesses.

She has experience in sourcing, delivering and designing material on unconscious bias and strategically planning implementation of culture change

Contact Ineke at

Andi Jarvis

If you have any questions or want to talk about anything that was discussed in the show, the best place to get me is on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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