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Strategy Sessions Podcast with Tom Critchlow

Tom does consultancy work for startups and media companies. He’s based in Brooklyn, writes a strategy blog and has created the SEO MBA.  Episode 6 Season 2…
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Strategy Sessions Podcast with Kenda Macdonald

Episode 5 Season 2 Kenda is a forensic psychologist turned marketer and author who uses consumer behaviour to improve marketing campaigns.   Listen / Watch…
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April Dunford podcast | Obviously Awesome

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 10: Obviously Awesome

Featuring April Dunford, Luke Carthy and Andi Jarvis. Obviously Awesome is a such an obviously awesome name for a book, we had to…
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zaid al qassab podcast marketing

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 9: C4 CMO 4U

Featuring Zaid Al-Qassab, Laura Hogan and Andi Jarvis. C4 CMO 4U… the titles of these episodes are getting worse. Sorry. Zaid Al-Qassab is…
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Strategy Sessions Podcast Ep 7 ‐ 7th Tackle

Episode 7 is all about the return of rugby! With both codes (league and union for the uneducated) returning in August, we invited…
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saas marketing | podcast | jen hoffman

Strategy Sessions Ep 1: Make Your Marketing SaaS-y

Episode 1 of the Strategy Sessions podcast launches with Jen Hoffman and Arpun Bhuhi. Jen has spent her career in SaaS marketing and…
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