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The very best part of working as a consultant and speaker is when clients say lovely things about you. Not just because of the warm fuzzy feeling we get, but because it means we've done something great for them and they're happy enough to talk about it to other people. And for that reason, this is our favourite page on the site.

Andi was our on field announcer for a season and brought great energy and enthusiasm to the role. His knowledge of the game and his passion for entertaining the crowd worked perfectly for our game day experience.
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Mick Hogan
Executive Director, Newcastle Falcons
Andi is an outstanding speaker! He makes complicated stuff so simple and demystifies marketing for the audience. Thank you for doing such a great job at The Start Summit.    
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Jamie White
Founder, Start Summit
"Andi delivered a guest speaker session on a premium Executive Education programme “Digital Ready Leaders” which is run by Ulster University Business School in collaboration with Digital DNA. Andi has a very engaging style which allows the audience to immediately connect with him. The content was pitched at just the right level with the perfect blend between technical content and business application. We were delighted by Andi’s contribution and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."
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Steve Pollard
Ulster University Business School

Thank you for being part the Global Hospitality Tech Summit! Really insightful panel yesterday and a fantastic marketing strategy presentation this morning. See you next year!

Shauna Downey
Restaurant Association of Ireland
"I found your presentation really informative and interesting, it opened my eyes to another way of approaching our social media strategy which was hugely beneficial and how we can grow and develop our online presence through a support company like yourselves.  For a SME its ideal, to have an external support in that way as we continue to develop our brand."
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Kate Draper
Group Sales and Marketing Manager, Fitzers Catering Ltd
Just written up my reflections from today and my notes are absolute gold! Thank you thank you. Would recommend you to anyone.
"We first met Andi at an event in Belfast, he was giving a talk on marketing. He was so knowledgeable and presented it in a way that kept the whole crowd fully engaged. Andi left an impression on us that we called him to meet the next day to ask for further advice. He spent the evening with us talking through different approaches we could take with our marketing. He opened our eyes to options we didn't realise we had and gave us so much food for thought. Since that meeting Andi has consistently remained in contact with us, sharing with us his guidance and advice. He's become our go to guy for marketing and we can't thank him enough!"
Sophie & Gary
Founders, AnyGym
I studied marketing at university for three years and I’ve learned more in an hour from you than on the whole of that course!
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Ashleigh Averell
Owner, ibrand
Your hosting of our renewables event was brilliant, thank you. The Q&A was excellent and by doing what you're good at, you allowed our team to focus on what they're good at.
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Sarah McLarnin
Marketing, Zevon Energy
The workshop was perfectly pitched. Every step felt achievable yet at the start of the day I wouldn't have thought I could have done what I did by the end.
We were delighted with the fresh and inspiring ideas on digital marketing raised by Andi from Eximo Marketing. The presentation left the audience inspired, re-energised and ready to head back and look at how digital marketing could help each of their own businesses.  We would fully recommend Andi to inspire your team whilst also delivering a structured, professional approach to marketing.      
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Andrew Kennedy
Tourism Development Manager, Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council
"I took part in training sessions led by Andi looking at developing a marketing strategy. Andi clearly knows his stuff and is able to clearly communicate in a relevant way with no jargon. He took the time to understand my organisation and what we were trying to achieve and went on to equip me with the tools to build a robust and effective strategy. The templates and techniques I have learnt from Andi can be adapted to any organisation or business I am working with and I know I will use them throughout my career."
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Christine McClune
Marketing and Account Manager, NOW Group
Andi facilitated a seminar for us focused on Marketing Strategy.  The feedback from the participants was that he was extremely informative, practical and engaging, with delegates highlighting that Andi was able to present complicated information in a way that was both accessible and entertaining.
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Nora Smith
Chief Executive, CO3
Thanks for hosting our event. Your preparation, research and liaison with the presenters was brilliant and made for a smooth event. The feedback was very positive and complimentary from the attendee’s and Invest Northern Ireland.
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Harry Hamilton
Director, NIFDA
Andi’s approach to devising a strategy for PropertyNews and NIJobFinder focused on putting the customer at the heart of what we did on social media and capturing the key elements of the brands so they could connect with our customers. The strategy helped us grow the fan base of both brands and start on the road to achieve our objectives.
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Joanne Hayden
Marketing Director, Belfast Telegraph & INM
Andi delivers a really entertaining, engaging & educational workshop. When you see the quality content, structure and attention to detail of his presentations you know you have a guy who is using his own product - and that's good enough for me!
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Noel Doyle
Software Consultant, Decision Time
Fantastic workshop, engaging from start to finish, I really enjoyed it!
An absolute pleasure to have you at last night's event. Our audience loved you! Can't wait to have you back at the next one. Thanks once again for doing an amazing job.
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Mark Scully
Director, Learn Inbound
I am not at techie by any stretch of the imagination most of the time when it arises because of lack of knowledge or motivation I just switch off. The presentation you gave yesterday was quite surprising to me in a number of ways. I actually understood most of what you and your panels were talking about! (Major plus for me) and I realised that  my website (which is nothing more than a dated holding page) could potentially offer a lot more. I possibly won’t get new clients directly from the two days but the lessons and motivation given by you will make me appreciate different communication channels a lot more. The talks and sessions have helped me change the way I think about communications and perhaps have lost some of the fears around lack of knowledge. Thanks for a great couple of sessions.
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Terry McErlane
Resolute Public Affairs
Andi hosted a discussion panel that I was part of and made the experience really easy for me. Before the event, his preparation was first class. He spoke to me about the discussion generally, sent through a clear brief and explained how everything would work. On the day, he kept the discussion moving in a natural and engaging way, which made the panel enjoyable to be on and kept the audience’s attention throughout.
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Jo Hayden
Marketing Director, CDE Global
Life changing
“I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Andi.  He delivered a fresh and enthusiastic approach to our strategy workshop! He provided me with ideas that I could immediately set in motion in my business.”
Ciara Cunningham
Marketing Manager, Carlingford Adventure Centre