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Welcome to Eximo Marketing! If you want to see what our clients say, find out more about Andi and the team or know where the name came from and, importantly, how to say it properly, you're in the right place.

Read some of the lovely things people have said about Eximo Marketing and Andi after working with him.


If you've ever wondered where the name Eximo Marketing came from, check out this blog for the details.

What does Eximo Mean?

Founder, Strategy Director, Rugby League fan, BBQ addict, dad, talker, cricket bore, event attender and much more...

Andi Jarvis

Heads up planning and research for us. Keeps the wheels turning so things are delivered on time.

Emma Graham

Actor, singer, dancer and comedian, but does his best work behind the camera. Big fan of colour grading and post production.

Aaron Butler

Uber talented graphic designer with an love of cats and tattoos. Too cool for this school, but we're grateful she sticks with us.

Gaynor Gordon


Our mission is: strategy x people = performance.

The reflects our belief that for your business to succeed, you need a great strategy and amazing people to bring it to life. Miss one thing from the equation and everything goes wrong.

Read more about our mission statement.

The Eximo Way

Every business has a set of values that govern how they act.

In some places it’s just the way we work round here, and in other places it’s a defined set of values that are created and shared.

We want you to enjoy working with us – business is a serious business, but we work hard to make our engagement with you as enjoyable as possible. That doesn’t mean dodging the tough questions or being best mates with everyone, it means understanding that people give you more when they feel valued and are enjoying the process.

We’d like to share the Eximo Marketing philosophy with you, to give you an idea of what it’s like to work with us.


Everything we do starts with strategy. It’s essential to any marketing activity to understand the direction you want to go and create the roadmap to get you there. If we’re not helping you create a strategy or you can’t share your strategy with us, we might not be a great fit. Remember, a strategy doesn’t have to be a 163 pages gathering dust in a drawer, just a clear articulation of who you are targeting, why would they buy from you, and what are your objectives. If you’ve got that, let’s dance!

How do we do this? Our D-S-I process forms the basis of most of our work.


Education is the greatest thing in the world. Really. It’s important to us as a company to help educate more people about marketing and give them the tools and techniques to make better marketing decisions. Marketing is a discipline that is often misunderstood and if we can share knowledge – formally or informally – then we can help to change that. But it’s not just educating others that’s important, continually developing our own knowledge is also crucial. To achieve this we spend about 10% of our time attending courses or events, reading blogs or talking to smart people who are experts in their field. We question everything and we’re always learning.

How do we do this? Guest lecturing at universities, community management of the Eximo Academics group, attendance at industry events like Marketing Week Live, SearchLove, Brighton SEO and Learn Inbound and a commitment to professional development.


Gathering feedback about our work is equally exciting and nerve-wracking. We know that we put everything into working with client. We know that we have great processes and ongoing communication with clients. We know that our clients tell us great things about working with us. But even with all of that, opening an email with client feedback can still be a nervous moment, however it is also the best part of the job. It is a critical part of our process to gain an understanding of how clients feel about our work and hearing both positive and negative comments are equally important.

How do we do this? Anonymous surveys with everyone involved in a project along with follow up meetings with the main client.


Great ideas don’t just come from the highest paid people in the organisation. Where people are born or what school they attend should not be critical factors in how successful they are in life. At Eximo Marketing we believe that everyone can contribute to the success of a company by being part of the strategic development process. We listen, we involve, and we develop relationships with teams, regardless of their job title, to get the best information to inform the strategy.

But Equality is about more than just improving strategy. It helps to identify which charitable efforts to support, where our educational time is focused, and what additional projects we get involved with.

How do we do this? The Eximo & Friends fundraising project, broad participation at workshops and events Andi hosts.


Simplicity is an underpinning theme to all the work we do. Our aim is not to lose you in jargon, but to use inclusive language that everyone understands. We work hard to produce reports that have impact and solve problems, but present that in a simple and digestible way.  This value is one that we don’t think we will ever perfect, and that’s OK! Our aim is to continually improve how we deliver, striving for perfection but accepting we will never reach it.

We pride ourselves on our approach to client work, which comes from Andi’s no-nonsense Yorkshire upbringing! We don’t take on projects that we can’t deliver and we won’t charge you for stuff you don’t need. So, if there’s a better solution to your problem you’ll hear it from us first.

How do we do this? Review each project after delivery, including customer feedback. Work with external experts to improve delivery.

ulster university training partner and guest lecturer
cathedral quarter belfast marketing
trustpilot marketing
liverpool uni marketing guest lecturer
eu seupb social media training
co3 ceo marketing partner
zevon energy marketing and brand partner
culture night belfast marketing partner

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