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Build Your Own Marketing Strategy

Create a brilliant marketing strategy and get your business ready to grow. Success starts with strategy.  

Does your marketing contribute to your business? Do you have a strategy for your marketing? Are you a little lost with amount of advice online and not sure where to start? The Eximo Marketing Build Your Own Marketing Strategy workshop is the perfect place to create and refine a marketing strategy that performs. It's a two-day intensive programme where you work with a small group of other companies alongside our marketing expert, Andi Jarvis.

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Places are strictly limited on this is an interactive, two-way workshop. The group is kept small and intimate so everyone gets chance to focus on their business, benefit from expert advice and gets to know the other attendees.

It's part training course, part seminar, part workshop and part marketing consultancy all mixed together to ensure you leave with an effective marketing strategy ready to implement when you return to the office the next day.

Sound like it’s for you? Read on…

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

What will I get out of it?

By the end of the two days, you’ll have the following documents ready to take back and implement:

  • An impactful marketing strategy
  • A positioning statement to help your business stand out
  • Customer persona documents to help understand your audience
  • Digital analysis of your competitors
  • An outline content calendar
  • A close network you can call for help and support as you implement the plan
  • Knowledge of how to apply the DSI framework for all future marketing activity

Some of these are working documents that need to evolve and grow with your business. They won’t be final versions – the course will help you understand why such a document doesn’t exist – but they will be ready for you to take back to your business and implement.

You’ll also get to meet a bunch of other likeminded people who are there to develop their marketing strategy. Building an effective network is a crucial success factor in business. Meeting others, sharing ideas and helping solve problems is a key part of the course and you’ll gain access to a private online community to keep the discussions going after the two days.

What you get out of the course won’t be judged by the documents you take away. It will be judged by how your business performs over the following year and the success you have. The course will give you the chance to think about your business, tap into expert advice so you can create a killer marketing strategy and have the confidence to go back to your business and implement it effectively.

What’s included if I sign up?

Good question and there are two options. The entry level Strategy option gives you attendance at both days of the course, lifetime access to the private online community and a 20-minute call with Andi after the course has finished.

This option is ideal for those who have marketing experience or those who have existing marketing teams and agency relationships to help deliver the marketing strategy.

We know that some companies require a bit more help once they’ve developed a strategy. This could be because marketing isn’t something you’ve got a lot of experience with or maybe you’ve just got some huge challenges to face in the next 12 months. Whatever the reason, there is extra support available with option 2, Strategy + Consultancy.

The full packages are outlined below.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Why do you have two options?

We’ve tried to make the course as accessible as possible to everyone. Some people have structure and support network in their company that means they just need the two days to pull everything together and then they can head back to the office and start rolling.

However, not everyone is in the position. Some smaller companies don’t have huge marketing expertise, the challenges the business faces may be significant, it might just be a key year for the business or there could be many other reasons why some attendees need more help.

Option 2 gives anyone the chance to have their strategy reviewed by Andi Jarvis, an industry expert with 16 years experience in marketing. He’s worked in house and in agencies, across a range of sectors and with companies from 1 person start-ups all the way up to Expedia, the world’s biggest travel company.

After working with you for two days, Andi will spend another half day reviewing what you’ve created, adding in comments, thoughts and suggestions that will help improve the plan and give it a bigger impact. After that, he will come and meet you and your team to run through the strategy and discuss how it is to be implemented.

Think of it as consultancy for your marketing strategy.

Strategy Package

>Attendance at the two-day workshop
>Live feedback and input on your strategy at the workshop
>20 minute call with Andi within one month of the course
>Access to a private online community
>A fully formed and impactful marketing strategy to take away
>A positioning statement to help your business stand out
>Customer persona documents to help understand your audience
>Digital analysis of your competitors
>An outline content calendar
>All course materials
>Refreshments on arrival, lunch, mid-afternoon snacks and drinks throughout the day (sadly not alcoholic ones).

Strategy + Consultancy Package

>Attendance at the two-day workshop
>Live feedback and input on your strategy at the workshop
>20 minute call with Andi within one month of the course
>Access to a private online community
>A fully formed and impactful marketing strategy to take away
>A positioning statement to help your business stand out
>Customer persona documents to help understand your audience
>Digital analysis of your competitors
>An outline content calendar
>All course materials
>Refreshments on arrival, lunch, mid-afternoon snacks and drinks throughout the day (sadly not alcoholic ones).


>Your strategy reviewed and enhanced by Andi Jarvis within a week of the workshop
>A two-hour, face to face, meeting with Andi to review your strategy and discuss the implementation so that it delivers results for your business
>An additional 45-minute call with Andi within 6 months of the course to discuss any issues or roadblocks.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to improve their marketing in 2018.

The Build Your Own Strategy workshop is an intensive two-day workshop, ideal for marketers, business owners and those who have marketing as part of their remit but might not be a marketer (hint: that’s you Mrs Sales and Marketing Manager!). It’s for anyone who needs to produce a killer marketing strategy.

The course uses a tried and tested framework that has helped companies in a range of sectors improve their marketing performance.  The framework has been used for large industrial B2B manufacturers, high street shops, small charities, quasi-public sector bodies and pretty much everything else in between.

Do I need to be a marketing expert?

Nope! To get the best out of the Build Your Own Marketing Strategy workshop, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the business you work in. Your job title or career background isn’t important. You’ll be walked (well, galloped) through our academically developed marketing framework, and you’ll be completing the sections as we go.

You’ll need to understand the business, ideally have access to analytics from the website and social media and any customer data. So whether you’re a marketer, business owner, in sales or PR, customer service, or just an expert on where you work, you’ll be perfect for this course.

Why should I study with Eximo Academy?

The internet is awash with marketing advice. But reading blogs and watching YouTube experts doesn’t mean you’ll be on the right track.

Working with Eximo Academy means you’ll have the best of all worlds. You will be taught how to use an academically developed framework for producing a marketing strategy but this isn’t just a theoretical course. While you’re learning about the framework, you will be applying it to your business and writing the plan that will be rolled out across your company when you return.

You’ll get to work with our Founder and Strategy Director, Andi Jarvis, who has spent the last 16 years working in marketing, with companies that range from start-up lifestyle businesses to some of the most recognisable brands in the world. He has provided marketing training across the UK and Ireland and brings a relaxed yet informative style to the Eximo Academy.

In short, you’ll get to spend time out of the business focusing on creating your marketing strategy, working with an industry expert, using a tried and trusted methodology to produce a strategy that will have a positive impact on your business.

But don't take our word from it, have a read of what others say about us.


Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to cover as much useful info as possible on this page. There's a bit more detail below for those who want to get into it and, as always, if there is anything we've missed, please get in touch.

Course content

Course overview

Eximo Marketing uses a three-stage process known as DSI when working with clients. That stands for Data, Strategy and Implementation. During this two-day workshop, you’ll cover the Data and Strategy phases, providing you with the platform to go back to your business and jump straight into the Implementation phase.

Day 1 – Data

Day 1 takes you through the an academically developed framework to pull all the data together to help you make the right decisions for your marketing strategy. The data pyramid, below, shows the four key stages which we work through sequentially.

  1. Company & Customer – build the foundation of the pyramid by getting a full understanding of the two core elements of any business: what do you do and who do you do it for? It might not look much, but this will take around half of the day.
  2. Competition & Context – using a series of simple models, we run through competitor analysis to see how things are done in your industry and work out where you can stand out.
  3. Competence & Content – marketing strategies live or die by the people who implement them, so it’s crucial to look at what skills you have or can access. And then we can start to plan content calendars and look at how you come up with content ideas.
  4. Capital – working out what it’s worth if you get it right, understanding what to invest in marketing and what metrics you need to look at to know you’re on the right track.

4 stages of 7Cs marketing

Day 2 – Strategy

At the end of day 1 you’ll have a lot of information floating around and the evening to start putting it in some order in your mind. On day 2, we start to build your strategy.

This will involve small workshops, group activities, working with partners and 1-2-1 time with Andi Jarvis to help translate the Data into an impactful strategy. Each business will need different support, but we have tools we can use for companies that need to stand out in a crowded market, those who need to develop a lot of content and a bucketful of hints and tips for marketing budgets of all sizes.

It wouldn’t be a workshop if you didn’t have to present back to the group, so we will wrap up the day with each person giving a brief overview of their marketing strategy to the group.

Day 2 will be shaped by the people on the course so you can get what you need from it. Rest assured, you’ll go home after day 2 tired, but with a document full of ideas ready to roll with.

This is a full on two days and is not for the faint-hearted!

How much does it cost and when do I pay?

Option 1, Strategy, costs £650.

Option 2, Strategy + Consultancy, costs £995.

One thing to note. If you don’t sign up for Option 2 ahead of the course, you can still add on the consultancy element after the two days. The price to add on consultancy once the course has begun is £545.

To reserve a place on the course, a non-refundable deposit of 40% if payable to Eximo Marketing. The remainder of the fee should be paid before the course starts. Payment can be made by invoice, BACS, credit card, cheque, cash, Green Shields Stamps or livestock. We just need it before the course kicks off.

What do I need to bring?

You’ll need to bring a laptop to work on during the course. You’ll be writing your marketing strategy as you go, so being able to type that on your own machine will be a lifesaver.

You should also bring any stats you have for your business, access to your social platforms and any analytics. There will be a full briefing sent out prior to the course.

Can more than one person from my company attend?

Ideally there will be one person from each organisation in attendance. However, we know that for some businesses it makes sense to have two people attend and work through the strategy together. Please get in touch before booking to discuss if you’d like more than one person to attend.

There is an additional cost of £300 for an additional person to attend.

Also, this course works best if the same person attends on both days. If you can’t do that, please get in touch before you book.

If you go for the Strategy + Consultancy option, you can have as many people as you like at the face to face meeting to discuss the strategy.

Where will this take place, when is it and what times will it be on?

The course will take place in Belfast so it’s easy for everyone to get to. Confirmation of the location will be sent after booking.

It will run on Thursday 19 AND Thursday 26 April 2018. You will need to attend both days.

The days will run from 9.30 – 4.30, so there’s chance to check in at the office/reply to emails/get an early finish (*delete as appropriate) around the course.

Full details of the location, travel options and all the important logistics will be sent in good time ahead of the course.

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