Black History Month (BHM) is a celebration of black culture, history and impact.

In the UK, BHM is in October, not February as it is celebrated in the US and Canada. I still don’t know why. Our mission at Eximo Marketing is strategy x people = performance, so we’re staying true to that and focusing on the first two parts of that equation.


We’ve got a mini series within a series of the Strategy Sessions being released throughout October.

Five episodes in five weeks, featuring some amazing marketers. These are just ordinary episodes, featuring extraordinary black marketers. Just click an image below to find the episode.


Training and Workshops

We’ve got three training sessions / workshops that organisations can buy to help their teams get a better understanding of BHM. The sessions are available all year round, but there seems to be more interest in them around October and February.

  1. Where should equality sit in your marketing strategy? This one is for marketing teams and leans towards bigger organisations.
  2. The Guinness Effect and why you need a diverse workforce. This presentation comes from a marketing lens but works across organisations.
  3. Being black when everyone sees red, white and blue or green, gold and white. This session is aimed at companies in, near or trading with Northern Ireland.

To book a session, please get in touch or book a 30 min call with Andi and see if we an fit you in.