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Category Archives: Strategy Sessions

nick baughan facebook interview

Strategy Sessions Episode 19: Facebook, Inc

Featuring Nick Baughan and a T.O.P.T.I.P from Gil David Listen / Download Watch In This Episode In this episode we discuss: A…
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kyle lacy saas marketing podcast

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 18 A Lessonly In Marketing

Featuring Kyle Lacy In the episode we discuss: SaaS Marketing Why you shouldn’t measure brand campaigns (really)Surprise and delight prospects and customersUsing…
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Koen Pauwels advertising effectiveness

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 17 Freakonomics or Freako-Wrong-mics?

Featuring Professor Doctor Koen Pauwels Koen Pauwels is Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Northeastern University and co-director of its Digital, Analytics, Technology…
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chris gregg lightyear start up bootstarp marketing podcast

Strategy Sessions Episode 16: Marketing Buzz With Lightyear

Featuring Chris Gregg, CEO of Lightyear Chris has more than 10 years of experience across the technology industry from founding and leading fintech…
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advertising and marketing podcast research eye tracking software

Strategy Sessions Episode 15: Eye Catching Marketing

Featuring Mike Follett from Lumen Research Listen / Download Watch Mike Follett is the Managing Director of Lumen, the leading attention technology…
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marketing podcast refugee tech start up

Strategy Sessions Episode 14: A New Hope

Featuring Leticia Galdón from Paz Leitcia is the entrepreneur behind Paz.Ai, a start-up that is unlocking refugee tech talent across Europe. We recorded…
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katie jackson strategy sessions

Strategy Sessions Episode 13: The Episode With No Name

Featuring Katie Jackson Katie Jackson is the Managing Director of TBWA\London. She’s also been described as Mary Poppins on steroids and is great…
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ecommerce black friday tips

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 12: Black Friday

Featuring Luke Carthy You know the drill. It's November, the pumpkins are in the compost heap and if you've got kids, you've started…
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sedge beswick podcast influencer marketing

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 11: Influencer Season

Featuring Sedge Beswick Influencer Season continues the run of terrible names for podcasts with amazing guests. This week, Sedge Beswick, joins Andi to…
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April Dunford podcast | Obviously Awesome

Strategy Sessions Podcast Episode 10: Obviously Awesome

Featuring April Dunford, Luke Carthy and Andi Jarvis. Obviously Awesome is a such an obviously awesome name for a book, we had to…
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