The day this podcast launches – Thursday 20th April 2023 – I’m speaking at Brighton SEO alongside Fabio Embalo (Viaduct Generation) and Azeem Ahmad about equality in marketing. Azeem hosts the Azeem Digital Asks podcast, so we did a joint episode to dive into the subject for a wider audience.

Listen below or find it on SpotifyApple and Google or just search for Strategy Sessions wherever you get your podcasts.

In this episode we discuss:

  • A simple explanation of marketing strategy
  • Where equality fits in your marketing strategy
  • What can go wrong if you try and ‘retrofit’ equality into marketing tactics
  • Making strides with diversity at marketing events
  • Why we shouldn’t try and guess what our customers think
  • Why you should talk to your customers more and observe what they do
  • Why AI for customer research is a terrible idea
  • How to solve pay gaps
  • How you can make a difference regardless of where you are in your career
  • Why you should listen to each other’s podcast

Azeem Ahmad

Azeem is an award winning digital marketer, and international conference speaker with several years of experience in the industry, covering multiple disciplines such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Programmatic, and Display too.

As well as this, he hosts his own digital marketing podcast called “Azeem Digital Asks” which aims to give a platform to women, POC and marginalised communities, and has previously been a judge at many search awards across the globe, including the European and US Search Awards.

Find Azeem on Twitter and LinkedIn

Andi Jarvis

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Andi Jarvis, Eximo Marketing.