Strategy Sessions Podcast Ep 5: Mailchimp Marketing Madness

Episode 5 ‐ Mailchimp Marketing Madness featuring Michael Mitchell, Simon Harper and Andi Jarvis.

Mailchimp isn’t just an email marketing platform. It’s the go-to business partner for millions and millions of small and medium businesses around the world.

Episode 5 focuses on Mailchimp from a number of angles. We’re joined by Michael Mitchell, the Director of Global Brand Marketing from NYC. We talk about brand marketing in a performance marketing world, his career and training plus dive in depth to his views on Black Lives Matter.

I’m certain that I could do 1000 podcasts and I won’t get another set of book recommendations quite like Michael’s – he’s a writer a heart and the books he’s suggested reflect that. There are links below to go and buy them… so do it!

We’ve got a T.O.P.T.I.P from Simon Harper from SRH Design. Simon is the first Mailchimp partner and certified expert in Ireland and Northern Ireland. So he really knows his onions – and Mailchimp.

I don’t talk about Mailchimp too much. Instead I talk about an email I recently sent out via Mailchimp (it’s not that much of a leap, honest!) – it’s about some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my career, how they’ve helped me and how they all have something in common… not asking enough questions.

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Michael Mitchell – Director, Global Brand Marketing at Mailchimp

From New York to Tokyo, Sydney to London, Bangkok to Auckland, Michael has helped brands like GE, Toyota, AT&T, Unilever, Heineken and Opera Australia use insights strategically — helping them stand out and tell their stories to the world.

Previously, he led Brand & Experience Strategy at Publicis Sapient, POSSIBLE, and Interbrand.

You can connect with Michael on Twitter: @alwaysbeheard or LinkedIn and you can view his work at 

His book recommendations are:

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates

We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits by Debbie Millman

“Sonny’s Blues” is a short story featured in his collection Going to Meet the Man by James Baldwin

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

Simon Harper – SRH Design

Simon is a Solopreneur, Freelance WordPress Ninja, Graphic Guru & owner of SRH Design, based in Bangor. He’s been designing & building websites since 1999 and freelancing since 2009, working with clients throughout the UK & Ireland. He helps businesses & individuals get online, market their product or service to a wide audience & grow their brand.

Find Simon on Twitter @srhdesign or LinkedIn.

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Andi Jarvis

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